Needs Analysis

What Service / Equipment Best Fits Your Needs? 

These are some questions that will help us design the system that will be best for you:


  • Do you have a regular (land line) phone line?
  • Are you concerned about Burglary / Fire / CO / Medical / Flood?
  • Would you like to be able to control and manage your system remotely?
    • Notification if your child does not come home / specific time
    • Notification if someone enters a particular area of your home, regardless if the alarm is on or off
    • Turn your system on / off from anywhere in the world
    • Early notification of all alarms
  • Do you travel?
  • Kids? / Pets?
  • Would you like to instantly communicate with ADT via your keypad? 2-way voice


  • How many exterior doors? Most break-ins involve use of a door
  • Any accessible windows that are a concern?
  • How many levels to the home?
  • Basement finished / unfinished? Windows? / How many? / Size?Where do you enter and exit the home?
  • Pets? / Number / Size?
  • Do you travel for extended periods of time?
  • How will you use your system at night?
  • Motion detectors on or off?

Fire / Other:

What levels of your home contain sleeping quarters?

  • Smoke Detector locations
  • CO Detectors


Where is your furnace located?

  • Heat Detector

Do you have any concerns of flooding?

  • Flood detector in basement / laundry room

Anyone in the home that may need supervision?

  • Medical Pendant

We are not a one size fits all company

Our goal is to design and install a system that addresses your concerns. Once we know what your needs are, we will install that system at the most economical price with the highest quality equipment and installation practices.

We will stay in contact with you after the install to make sure we got it right.