Pulse Interactive

pulseADT Pulse combines life safety with lifestyle services

Monitored home security

  • Contact police, fire or medical departments in the event of an emergency

Remote home monitoring

  • Live video and event-driven video and picture capture
  • Event driven email and text message notifications

Home management and control

  • Thermostat, lighting and security system control via touch screen, web, and mobile applications
  • Scheduling and automation features

Energy management

  • Automation and scheduling thermostat and lighting features

Personal, secure web access

  • Enables end user to set all features:
  • Alerts (event-driven email or text notifications, e.g., the front door opens)
  • Automations (e.g., set the entryway lamp to turn on when the front door is opened)
  • Schedules (e.g., set the lights and thermostats to turn off at 9:00 AM Monday – Friday when the home is unoccupied)
  • Add new users and user codes (portal will tag user’s name to all setting changes)

pulse-phonesRemote access to the home

  • Arm/disarm security system
  • View live video and event-driven video clips and pictures
  • Control lamps, appliances and thermostats
  • View status and history of all devices
  •  iPhone and Android Mobile Applications via the Apple Apps Store or Google Play

$199 – $499 installed

$51.99 – $61.99 per month